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Supplement your education with learning and teaching materials designed for 21st century skills.

Acquire new knowledge and materials pertaining to academic and

non-academic with MindLoops.

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From learning new vocabulary to crafts, our magazines have plenty of learning and reading material for you!

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Mind Booster

Reinforce your teaching and learning for KSSR with lesson plans, supplemental notes, worksheets, quizzes, and performance-based classroom activities for better learning outcomes!

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Access our free educational games, puzzles, and quizzes to boost your skills.

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Watch informative and educational videos on building relevant skills that you can use in your daily life.

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Join our community to share content, discuss hot and trending topics and communicate with other users.

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Read our latest general knowledge articles and other interesting topics for your reading pleasure!

Made for Students, Teachers and Parents.

With MindLoops, digital learning and teaching is possible anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
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MindLoops for Students and Parents

Whether it’s strengthening academic understanding or spending time with family through shared activities, MindLoops develops content to meet your needs.

MindLoops for Educators

Access numerous teaching materials such as lesson plans and performance-based classroom activities to support your teaching.
Improve teaching pedagogy with our professional development training materials.
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Reading Zone

In our digital magazine you can learn and read more about STEM, languages, fun activities and lifestyles. Each month we publish our magazine on a specific theme, ranging from space exploration to exploring the vast sea!

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